Rates & Fees

2016 Rates & Fees

City Council imposes various rates and fees for different municipal services.

For more information, please select an area from below or contact the City Office.
  1. Administration Fees

    View a table of administration release of information rates and fees for photocopies.

  2. Business License Fees

    View the business license fees for city resident business, county resident business, non-resident business, peddlers, and more.

  3. Garbage Collection (PDF)

    Garbage is collected from residential dwellings once a week, fee for services is listed in the utility rates bylaws 15-025.

  4. Parks Rates

    Find a list of rates for using the ball diamond and equipment at the parks.

  5. Planning & Development

    View the building, development and planning application fees.

  6. Recreation Rates

    View rates for Lakeside Leisure Centre for: daily admission, 20 bulk ticket, one month pass, 3 month pass, and one year pass.