EcoBrooks Committee


  • 5:00 p.m.
  • 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • City Hall


The committee consists of 12 members:

  • 1 City of Brooks Councillor
  • 1 representative of Grasslands School Division
  • 1 representative of Chris the Redeemer School Division
  • 1 representative of the Eastern Irrigation District (EID)
  • 1 Commercial/Industry representative
  • 1 Youth member
  • 6 Members-at-Large

About the Committee 

The EcoBrooks Committee was created in Spring of 2009 and acted as a Citizen's Advisory Group steering the Municipal Sustainability Planning project.

The mandate of the Environmental Advisory Committee is to explore policies, programs and procedures which would lead to the long and short term enhancement, preservation and protection of the environment in both local and global contexts.

Focus Areas

Focus areas of the Committee are to include:

  • Water (conservation, efficiency, protection)
  • Energy (conservation, carbon footprint, renewable sources)
  • Waste Management (policies and procedures to improve waste management systems)
  • Waste Reduction (increase diversion through composting and recycling programs)
  • Municipal Sustainability (develop and implement Brooks' Municipal Sustainability Plan)
  • Built Environment and Material Usage (procurement, environmentally friendly designs)

To view the Environmental Advisory Committee's Bylaw (PDF).

Term of Office 

  • One year term for member of Council
  • Three year term for appointed members (members of the Community at large and members appointed by various sectors)