Brooks Regional Airport

The Brooks Airport is located 5.5 km NNW of the City of Brooks. The land was originally developed in 1967 with land supplied by the Town of Brooks and the County of Newell. At that time initial funding for airport development was provided by Transport Canada. In 1975, under the auspices of the Alberta Community Airport Development Program funding was provided and continued through the 1980s for runway paving, drainage repairs, a runway overlay and the installation of navigation aids and new runway lighting.

In the late 1980s federal funding once again assisted in the form of an upgrade of the two apron areas, installation of a storm sewer system and improvements to Runway 02-20. To enhance the prospects of third-level air carrier service to the area, an Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund air terminal was constructed by the provincial government in 1980.

Over the years the airport and the area it serves has become an integral part of the Alberta airport network with the airport serving the agricultural application, flight training and air charter needs in the area.

The airport installed an AVGAS fuel system and was operation for fuel purchases in February 2016. Fuel prices can be found here.

City of Brooks contact: Don Saari, Manager, Public Works Tel. 403 362-3146