Blade Sign Program

ABOUT                                                                                Blade signage is primarily pedestrian-oriented. The size, lettering and placement of signs are, for the most part, designed to attract the attention of foot traffic. Signs are placed perpendicular on buildings or under canopies to alert pedestrians to the type of merchandise or service that the business provides. Ideally a blade sign will say Café or Ladies Boutique instead of a proprietorial name that does not convey what the business is about. For example: Instead of reading The Clothes Line, a blade sign would read Men’s Wear, Men’s Boutique or The Clothes Line - Men’s Wear/Boutique.  

blade sign example
  • Businesses in Brooks, Bassano, Duchess Rosemary and County of Newell located in high pedestrian traffic areas.
  • Ground floor businesses.
  • Businesses that are able to place signs with a vertical distance of at least 8 feet from the ground.
  • First come first served. The Brooks Region has limited funds for the program in 2019 therefore 15-20 applications are anticipated to be approved.
  1. All applicants are encouraged to consult the Economic Development Officer, Nova Sekhon (; 403-362-3333), prior to formally submitting their application to discuss eligibility criteria.
  2. Complete and submit the application form by March 25, 2019 via email.
  3. Upon receipt of the application a site visit will be conducted to determine the eligibility.
  4. If approved, the Economic Development Officer will work with the respective business to design their sign and agree upon an ideal sign location.
  5. If required, a development permit application will need to be submitted.
  6. Signs are encouraged to be installed before May 2019.
  • Two-sided to attract traffic coming from both directions. 
  • Rectangular aluminum sign, 26” by 18.”
  • Perpendicular wall mount or under canopy mount, 30” length.
  • Simple and bold graphics.
  • Will include description of merchandise or services provided.

COST AND INSTALLATION                                                100% of the total cost of one blade sign with mounting hardware will be provided by the Brooks Region. The business will get full ownership of the blade sign with hardware. If the applicant has more than one entrance and wishes to install an additional blade sign, it can be purchased from the Brooks Region for approximately $160- $335 (excluding tax). Additionally, replacement signs can also be purchased. 

Installation costs associated will be the responsibility of the business and must follow installation guidelines:
  • Signs will require a development permit dependent on the municipality (all development permit fees will be waived for this program only).
  • Signs shall be placed in accordance with the Land Use Bylaw of the business’ municipality and must follow all other requirements of the municipality.
  • Signs should have a vertical distance of 8 feet from the ground to the bottom of the sign (for uniformity from business to business).

Need someone to install the sign? 4 Season Property Care has quoted $100 for installation. Contact Aaron Petersen at 403-376-7669.