Planning Policies

As per section 638.2(1) in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) all municipalities must compile and keep updated a list of any policies that may be considered in making decisions under Part 17 – Planning and Development. The Municipality must also publish these policies on the municipal website. Below are the current Planning and Development policies for the City of Brooks.

Policy E-002-001 - Building Relocation

Policy E-001-001 - Installation of Signs

Policy E-002-002 - Land Use Bylaw Amendments

Policy E-002-003 - Land Development

Policy E-002-004 - Water Management

Policy E-002-005 - Land Development - Allocation of Utility and Roadway Construction Costs

Policy E-002-006 - Utility Services Within Town Boundries

Policy E-002-007 - Water and Sewer Connections and Inspections

Policy E-002-008(C) - Assessment and Guidlines for Off-site and Development Levies

Policy E-002-009 - Mobile Food Vendors

Policy E-002-010 - Courtesy Benches

Policy E-002-011 - Administrative Levies

Policy E-002-012 - Developers Required to Install Water and Sewer Oversize at their Cost

Policy E-002-013 - Cash In Lieu of Parking

Policy E-002-014 - Laneless Subdivisions

Policy E-002-015 - Licence Agreements on Town Owned Land

Policy E-002-016 - Securities for Development Permits

Policy E-002-017 - Assessment of Offsite Levies

Policy E-002-019 - Dedication of Municipal Reserve Lands

Policy E-002-020 - Public Notification Procedures for Municipal Applications

Policy E-002-021 - Transportation Master Plan Policy

Policy E-002-022 - Pavement Master Plan Policy