Water Conservation

Water Usage

Did you know that most Albertans believe that they use about 100 litres of water per day, but in reality, the average usage is 329 litres. In Alberta, 90% of people are concerned about their water usage.

Supplying residents and businesses a secure, safe and reliable supply of water is fundamentally important to the City of Brooks' sustainability: economic viability, environmental integrity, social and cultural vibrancy, and good governance.

Water Conservation, Efficiency & Productivity (CEP) Plan

The City of Brooks is committed to water conservation and has invested significant time and energy to develop and adopt a Municipal Sustainability Plan and a Water Shortage Response Plan. The City was also required to draft and approve a Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity (CEP) Plan by the end of 2011. View the completed Water CEP Plan (PDF).

News, Progress & Upcoming Events

  • Veteran's Park East has been converted to a xeriscaping demonstration park! The park contains a rain water capture system, flagstone patio, three picnic areas, permeable surfaces, water wise plants, and mulch used as ground cover instead of turf. Maintenance is reduced as is the need for irrigation water. And the water feature and native plants create a habitat to birds and insects! Take a tour soon and get some ideas for your own landscaping. Two xeriscaped flowerbeds have been installed in Veteran's Park, east of City Hall. The beds were planted by the Girl Guides with help and funding from the Environmental Advisory Committee. Check them out for tips on how to make your garden more water wise!
  • Rebates are now available for City of Brooks residents that replace an old toilet, washing machine or dishwasher with a water efficient model. Bring your receipt to City Hall to receive at $50 rebate on your utility account. Please view our rebate information (PDF).
  • Rain barrel and backyard composter rebates are available. Purchase a backyard composter or a rain barrel from a local retailer, bring your receipt to City Hall and receive a $25 rebate on your utility bill! Composters will help reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill and rain barrels reduce the demand for treated water.
  • Do you know of a youth group that would be interested in learning more about water conservation or quality? Why not participate in Yellowfish Road?! Help spray paint storm drains in Brooks to remind residents that any water that enters a storm drain eventually ends up in a creek, pond or river. For more information please send us an email.