Bylaws are enforceable documents governed under the Municipal Government Act and other legislative regulations and are approved by Council. Every Bylaw is introduced for a first time and at first reading there is no debate. After first reading Bylaws regarding statutory documents such as the Land Use Bylaw, Municipal Development Plan, and/or Area Structure Plans are advertised for a period of two weeks. Bylaws with statutory planning changes involve Public Hearings so residents affected by the change can speak for or against the proposed change. The Bylaw is placed on the Council agenda for second and third reading after the two week period of advertising is completed. At this time, Council can debate the Bylaw or ask for clarification on proposed changes, if required. After third reading the Bylaw is passed and adopted making it an enforceable document. Other Bylaws do not have to be advertised and can receive three readings at the same Council meeting if Council unanimously decides to allow three readings.

The following is a list of Bylaws for information and include Bylaws that are frequently requested by the public.