Planning & Development

The Planning & Development Services Department administers development permits, building permits, building inspections, development agreements, sign permits, business licences, the Municipal Planning Commission, the Subdivision Development Appeal Board, and offsite levies.

Development Permits are administered, reviewed and approved by the Development Officer. A permit is required in a number of different situations such as a new business opening, a new house being built, an addition to a building, a change in use to a building, the creation of a home based business, or if a variance to the Land Use Bylaw is required.

Building Permits are administered, reviewed and approved by a Safety Codes Officer and are managed under a Provincial program. A building permit is required any time structural changes are made to a building, including new construction, additions, garages, basement renovations, decks, and pools/hot tubs.

A Reference section is listed below to familiarize customers with processes pertaining to development and building permit requirements.

If an applicant's development proposal does not fit the standards in the Land Use Bylaw, they may apply to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) for a variance, where it will either be approved or denied. Variances can be applied for/granted for any aspect of the Land Use Bylaw, but common ones include setback requirements, building height restrictions, and parking requirements.

Development Permits

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Building Permits

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Sign Permits

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Municipal Planning Commission

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) considers applications for development permits within the City of Brooks and makes decisions after giving due regard to the purpose, intent, scope and resolution outlined in the Land Use Bylaw adopted by Council. They also review and advise Council on other matters such as subdivision applications and statutory plans.

The MPC meets every first and third Wednesday of each month starting at 6:15 p.m. in the Hayes Room at City Hall.

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board considers and decides all appeals concerning Development Applications which have been properly lodged in accordance with the Municipal Government Act. Meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month starting at 5 p.m. as required and are held in Council Chambers at the City Office.

Development Agreement

A development agreement may be requested when a property is to be subdivided and/or developed. A development agreement requires that a developer landscape parks, install services, construct sidewalks and roadways required to service that development according to City of Brooks standards. A copy of City of Brooks Development Servicing Standards Guide and a Standard Development Agreement are available at City Hall, Development Services Department.

Public GIS Mapping

Geographic Information Systems, commonly referred to as GIS, is a collection of computer hardware, software, and geographic data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information. 

GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Services staff are responsible for creating and maintaining the City's mapping needs, the data collection and maintenance of all City-owned infrastructure including transportation, water distribution, wastewater collection, and storm drainage systems. Utilizing GIS, the City can assess and track aging infrastructure and map future needs. Aerial photography, legal base mapping, and collected data including that through GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) are compiled into a manageable information system.

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