Municipal Sustainability Plan

Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP)

In our Centennial Year, the City of Brooks is proud to present our Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP). This plan, which is a product of community participation, will lead us into the next 100 years, and ensure that our quality of life remains high. The MSP will guide and direct future strategic planning, project selection, and decision making; as we head into the future, residents can be assured that their municipality is working hard to ensure that Brooks is a community that people are proud to call home.

Five Pillars

Under the direction of AUMA's Comprehensive Guide for Municipal Sustainability Planning, Municipal Sustainability Planning should be done in consideration of five main "pillars" of sustainability: Governance, Economic, Environmental, Cultural, and Social. Though each of these pillars are represented separately, there is no denying that they are all part of an inter-connected and interdependent system. When one pillar suffers, so too do the other four; likewise a community cannot achieve success in one area without sacrificing the strength of the other four disciplines.

View the entire Municipal Sustainability Plan (PDF).

5 Pillars of sustainability Social Cultural Governance Economic and Environmental