Cultural Sustainability

Cultural Sustainability exists within a community when there is a strong cultural scene that breeds creativity and innovation. This is evident through the presence of visual arts, dramatic arts, heritage displays, musical events and recreation/leisure activities.

Continue to Draft and Implement, Through a Consultative Process, a Recreation, Parks and Cultural Master Plan

Recreation, parks, leisure and athletics within the City of Brooks should play a central role in community planning. Facilities and programs planned for would be used and enjoyed by residents of our region and would have social, economic and environmental benefits as well.

Ensure City Run Community Events and Programs Are Inclusive

Our community comes together very well to showcase our culture and heritage and this should be preserved and enhanced in the future. Community events should be inclusive and welcoming to both visitors and residents. Actively promote these events to encourage participation by both groups.

Take a More Active Role In Showcasing Local Performers, Artists, Musicians, etc.

Local performers, artists, musicians and cultural assets would be better showcased and preserved through the construction/renovation/designation of a multi-purpose facility. Artists could create and display their work, and performers could practice or perform. This facility could be publicly or privately operated and could take a variety of forms.

Continue to Support The Preservation of Heritage in Our Community

The local history, heritage and culture of our community should be preserved for future generations. This can be done through already established organizations, and potentially new events and facilities.

City of Brooks Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Partnership Plan

The City of Brooks is proud to present the 2017 to 2020 City of Brooks Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Partnership Plan (PDF). The City of Brooks is committed to building a welcoming and inclusive community and workplace that helps sustain a cultural atmosphere that all residents can enjoy. The Plan outlines a specific Action Plan to address the Canadian Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities' (CCIM) ten Common Commitments. It also provides a three year strategic focus on how the City of Brooks can become more welcoming and inclusive.