Local Economy

A sustainable local economy exists when residents are able to meet their basic human needs for survival without facing financial hardships. From a community perspective, local businesses are strong and successful, the cost of living is appropriate, and diverse jobs are available for people with differing levels of skill, training and education.

Encourage and Support Tourist Attractions and Events

The City of Brooks will actively participate in and support tourism groups in our region. This may include but not limited to supporting, promoting, or participating in unique local events which will bring residents together and attract tourists into the community.

Monitor Cost of Living

Monitor the cost of living for residents in Brooks. This may include food prices, petroleum prices, housing costs, property taxes and clothing costs. When possible, use political power and influence to lobby corporations.

Encourage A Variety of Shopping Within City Limits

Encourage and support commercial and retail developments that will give residents shopping variety within our community. An enhanced downtown core, the development of a mall, enhancements along 2nd Street West or the addition of new, integrated commercial properties will promote local shopping and help support local businesses (both new and existing).

Recognize the Need For A Diverse Job Market

Encourage economic and job diversification by attracting new firms, businesses and industries to our region. A diverse job market will help our residents weather the storm of booms and busts.

Continue To Develop, Update and Implement an Economic Development Strategy

Create short, medium and long term goals that are specifically related to economic development and implement this strategy.

Support and Enhance Affordable Housing Projects

The City of Brooks will continue to support affordable housing initiatives for those people that meet applicable requirements. These developments should embrace modern urban planning principles and be constructed within the community.

Create and Support Opportunities For Youth Employment, Attraction and Retention

The City of Brooks will work to attract and retain young, educated professionals that will be committed to practicing their profession in our community; this may be done through scholarships, sponsorship, incentives or a co-op program. Nurturing this talent will ensure that high quality services will be available to our residents in future years.