Sustainable Governance

A Sustainable Governance structure can be thought of as being participative and inclusive. The strength of the local government comes from the level of expertise and knowledge that exists within the community.

Continued Dialogue With Residents - Consult & Communicate

City Council, Management and Staff will strive to establish an open, 2-way dialogue with residents. This dialogue will exist in different structures and formalities to ensure that every resident has as opportunity to be informed and provide feedback. All City Council and Standing Committee meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend and participate.

Regionalized Services & Partnerships Retained & Built Upon

City Council, Management and Staff will continue to seek opportunities for partnerships with neighboring municipalities, service clubs, organizations and private businesses. Cooperation and collaboration are held in a high regard in Brooks and the relationships with our partners should not be compromised.

Continual Review & Updating of Policies & Bylaws - Enforcement To Keep Our Community Safe & Beautiful

The policies developed by the City of Brooks enhance operational aspects and ensure consistency and fairness across the organization. The bylaws developed by the City of Brooks reflect the needs, values and requirements of our community; these bylaws shall be actively enforced so as to enhance, protect and preserve our quality of life.

Take A Leadership Role When Developing & Implementing Practices & Policies

The City of Brooks should lead by example and be a role model for best practices when developing and implementing new programs, procedures or policies.

Foster Strong Human Resource Relationships to Attract & Retain Employees

In order to maintain service levels for our residents, it is important that the municipal government cultivate and develop the "human element" of the organization. This includes the attraction, retention and succession planning for municipal employees, as well as members/volunteers for Board, Committees and Commission, who are experienced and knowledgeable.

Maintain Fiscal Viability While Providing Core Municipal Services

In order to remain sustainable, the municipality must be fiscally responsible and stay financially viable without sacrificing service levels for core municipal services.