Socially Sustainable

A community is socially sustainable when the social needs - health, education, safety - of its residents are met. The community is welcoming and inclusive, the crime rate is low, residents are not impoverished, and there is general harmony between residents.

Recognize Brooks as a Welcoming, Inclusive, Safe and Secure Community

The spaces and events in Brooks should be inclusive to residents and visitors, allowing participants to feel safe, welcomed, and appreciated.

Create and Encourage Social Venues Throughout Our Community

Residents of Brooks need to be able to interact with one another in public spaces that are welcoming and inclusive. Community gathering places - spaces where people can come together, share ideas, and spend time in a social setting - can take many forms, and many of these are present in Brooks.

Encourage Continuous Learning Opportunities, Both Formal and Informal

Brooks is to be a community where anyone, of any age or experience, can enjoy lifelong learning and a rich education. This can be obtained through formal and informal venues, allowing for flexible schedules, abilities and interests.

Take An Active Role in Lobbying and Encouraging Government So Residents Have Access to Healthcare Locally

Residents of Brooks should have access to reliable, efficient healthcare that meets their basic needs to health and wellness. Physician recruitment and retention programs between the City of Brooks, County of Newell and other groups should continue into the future.

Settlement Services Should Be Available For All New Residents

Newcomers to the community should be welcomed and have access to services that will help with values, norms, and customs. Work with local settlement agencies and various levels of government so that when new residents from various parts of the province, country and world arrive, they are effectively welcomed and settled into our community.

Encourage Community Organizations to Provide and Develop Social Programming For All Ages

Our community should offer sufficient levels of programming and support for seniors, families, children and youth. Quality child care should be affordable and accessible for families allowing for increased social development.

City of Brooks Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Partnership Plan

The City of Brooks is proud to present the 2017 to 2020 City of Brooks Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Partnership Plan (PDF). The City of Brooks is committed to building a welcoming and inclusive community and workplace that helps sustain a cultural atmosphere that all residents can enjoy. The Plan outlines a specific Action Plan to address the Canadian Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities' (CCIM) ten Common Commitments. It also provides a three year strategic focus on how the City of Brooks can become more welcoming and inclusive.