Appointed Council Member Guidelines

All Boards, Committees and Commissions are advisory to Council unless otherwise stated in the Bylaw or resolution governing that Board, Committee or Commission. Unless specifically granted the power to do so, no Board, Committee or Commission has the power to pledge the credit of the municipality or commit the municipality to any particular action.

The minutes of all Boards, Committees or Commissions are to be recorded by the senior staff member present (or his/her designate).

Council members should not be expected to make motions at Board, Committee or Commission meetings where there is a majority of public members at such meetings. Such an action may reduce the flexibility of the Council member when/if the item is presented to Council for a decision.

When Council has a clear policy position on an issue, the Council representative on the Board, Committee or Commission will communicate and support Council's position.

Any Councillor unable to attend a scheduled meeting of a Board, Committee or Commission to which he/she is appointed shall contact his/her alternate and in the absence of the alternate shall contact either the Mayor or the CAO to request assistance in designating an alternate member.

No member of Council or of any Board, Committee or Commission shall give specific direction to any staff member at any Board, Committee or Commission meeting. The responsibility for giving specific direction to staff shall reside with the full Council at a duly assembled meeting or as otherwise delegated to the CAO.