Safe Communities Committee

Safe Communities


The Mandate of this Committee is to foster the creation of a safe and secure community. Specific responsibilities of the Committee include cooperating with community groups in creating programs or pursing initiatives to improve public safety, making recommendations to Council relevant to community issues, providing community feedback concerning Bylaw enforcement strategies or activities and to develop educational materials advocating personal safety and security. Other responsibilities include:

  • Cooperate and liaise with community groups in creating programs or pursuing initiatives to improve public safety;
  • Make recommendations to Council relating to relevant community issues, as it may deem advisable, on its own initiative or upon request of Council;
  • Provide community feedback to the Administration Department of the City concerning City Bylaw enforcement strategies and activities;
  • Review and advise Council on the annual Safe Communities Committee goals and priorities;
  • Develop educational materials advocating personal, public or corporate safety and security;
  • Provide quarterly updates to Council either through a written submission or a presentation during a regularly scheduled Council meeting;
  • Communicate with Council through the Council member(s) appointed to the Committee.


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