Property Tax Recovery

City of Brooks relies on the collection of taxes to provide municipal services, maintain and improve the City's infrastructure and to meet our financial obligations. The Provincial Government recognizes the reliance that municipalities have on property tax revenue and has established legislation in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) to ensure that they can collect the taxes that are due.

How it Works

Each year in March, the City of Brooks prepares a list of all designated manufactured homes (DMH) that are in arrears and all parcels of land that are more than one year in arrears.

This list is sent to either the Registrar at the Land Titles Office to register a Tax Notification, or to the local registries office to register a Personal Property Lien, in the case of designated manufactured homes.

If the tax arrears are not paid by March 31 of the following year, the City can offer the property for sale at public auction.

Anyone can pay the tax arrears owing against the property and the City will discharge the Tax Notification or Personal Property Lien.

All property owners in arrears are encouraged to apply for the Tax Arrears Payment Plan (TAPP). This program establishes a tax agreement with those in arrears which establishes monthly payments that are automatically withdrawn from your account to prevent your property from ever being offered for sale at a tax sale auction. Property Tax Payment Plans for further information email the Tax office.