Repaving Tax

The City of Brooks has passed a Repaving Tax Bylaw each year since 2003. This Bylaw imposes a special tax for the purpose of repaving the streets within the City and applies to every parcel that abuts a paved street (with some exceptions as listed in the Bylaw) regardless of their exemption status for annual property taxes.

The Bylaw authorizes levies in the following amounts per parcel for street repaving:

  • $3.52 per foot of frontage and flankage (as defined in the Bylaw).
  • $0.89 per foot of frontage and flankage for "long undeveloped parcels" for the first 1,725 feet, and then $0.18 per foot for frontage and flankage in excess of 1,725 feet.

Repaving projects are prioritized and presented to Council as part of the annual Street Improvement Projects. Any Repaving Tax that is collected and not used towards the Street Improvement Projects will be placed into reserves to be used on future year's repaving projects. Repaving Tax Bylaw (PDF).

Paving a roadway