Assessment Complaints

A person whose name appears on the assessment roll may make a complaint to the Assessment Review Board about any of the assessment information contained on your combined Property Tax & Assessment Notice. A complaint filed in regards to a tax rate set by Council, is not considered a valid complaint.

To file a complaint

To file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board, the following must be done as Provincial Legislation outlines the process:

You must complete and submit Assessment Review Board Complaint Form (PDF) (note* this pdf file must be downloaded to your computer) to the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board on or before the date noted on the front of your Assessment Notice.

  • An agent may file a complaint on your behalf if you, the assessed owner, complete an Assessment Complaint Agent Authorization Form (PDF) and include it with the complaint.
  • Your complaint must include the following:
    • Indicate what information shown on an assessment notice or tax notice is incorrect
    • Explain in what respect that information is incorrect
    • Indicate what the correct information is
    • Identify the requested assessed value, if the complaint relates to an assessment 

Note: Please ensure your complaint form includes all reasons for appealing. The Assessment Review Board cannot consider matters not included on your form. 

  • Your complaint must include the appropriate filing fee. 
  • If you are appealing more than one property a separate complaint form and registration fee is required. 

We encourage everyone to speak to the assessor before filing a complaint. Assessors are able to give you an explanation and review your comparables with you and may possibly make a change in the assessment without filing a complaint.

Note: The filing of a complaint does not extend the tax payment deadline nor waive the addition of penalties to unpaid taxes.

Complaint Fees

A fee for filing a complaint is:

Residential Property (3 dwelling units or fewer) - $50.00 per Assessment Roll Number

Residential Property (more than 3 dwelling units) - $50.00 per Assessment Roll Number plus $10.00 for each dwelling unit in excess of 3 to a maximum of $150.00

Non-Residential Property (3 dwelling units or fewer) - $150.00 per Assessment Roll Number

Farmland - $50.00 per Assessment Roll Number

Your complaint fee will be refunded if your complaint is found to be valid.

If you disagree with the decision of the Assessment Review Board, you may appeal to the Court of Queen's Bench. This appeal must be made in writing within 30 days of the mailing date of the Notice of Decision by the Assessment Review Board.


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