Basement Development

Development of a basement during or after construction requires a building permit as well as other pertinent sub-trade permits  A basement is considered “developed” when framing to create rooms/spaces takes place and rough-ins.  Framing in rooms/spaces without any wiring or other work taking place does not require a permit. When applying for a permit you must submit plans along with your permit application, showing the floor plan with proposed rooms and existing, the use of each room and dimension, details of any structural changes, locations of smoke alarms, location, size and swing of all doors and windows sizes and location.  This provides you with the expertise of our Safety Codes Officers through a plans review and onsite inspection to ensure the safety of you and your family.

General Information

Except where a bedroom door provides access directly to the exterior or the suite is equipped with a sprinkler, each bedroom shall have at least one outside window operable from the inside without the use of tools or special knowledge.

Windows referred to in the above sentence shall provide unobstructed openings with areas not less than 0.35 meters squared (3.76 feet squared), and with no dimension less than 380 mm (14.96 inches).

If the window referred to above is provided with security bars, the security bars shall be operable from the inside without the use of any tools or special knowledge.

Where a required window opens into a window-well, a clearance of not less than 550 millimetres (mm) (21.65 inches) shall be provided in front of the window.

Where the sash of a window referred to above swings towards the window-well, the operation of the sash shall not reduce the clearance in a manner that would restrict escape in an emergency.

Maintain proper clearance of 600 mm (23.62 inches) in front and 150 mm (5.90 inches) at the sides and back of the combustible construction when enclosing a furnace.

Obtaining a Permit

City of Brooks Building Permits are provided by Park Enterprises Ltd. through a contract. To obtain a permit, submit a written application on the prescribed form, accompanied with the required plans, and pay the prescribed fee. A development permit may also be required. Please contact the City to determine if a development permit is required for your proposed work.

Building Permit applications are available at City Hall or you may view the Building Permit Application (PDF).


Click here to be directed to the Fees webpage.

Completed application forms can be dropped off between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at:
City of Brooks
201 - 1 Avenue West
Brooks, Alberta


Which may be required:
Electrical permit
Gas permit
Plumbing permit

These permits can be obtained from any agency authorized by Alberta Municipal Affairs to issue permits and provide compliance monitoring. Agencies that are authorized to issue these permits are listed on the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.