Special Events Permit

The Special Events Bylaw 14/03 allows the City of Brooks to place rules on each Special Event that is held while outlining the safety and other procedures each group must follow. A Special Event Permit is required for any event held in a public place in which members of the general public are permitted, either for a fee of free of charge. This may include parades, performances, festivals, concerts, or a sports contest. Private events, such as weddings or birthday parties, do not require a Special Events Permit.

Specific attention is focused on:

  • Traffic Safety - Will there be a street closure? Will there be activity on the street? Will traffic be impacted in any way?
  • Parking - Will there be additional parking requirements? Is there a plan for parking?
  • Structures and Equipment - Will there be temporary structures/tents set up? Have fire safety requirements been met? Do you require picnic tables, bleachers, tables or chairs? Do you require extra garbage cans? Do you require road barricades?
  • Bathrooms - Will there be sufficient bathrooms available? Will portable bathrooms be brought in?
  • Food and Liquor Service - If food or liquor is being served, have the appropriate Provincial authorities been contacted? Can you demonstrate compliance with Provincial programs?

Obtaining a Permit

To obtain a permit, submit a written application on the prescribed form, accompanied with the required site plans. There is no fee for a Special Events Permit.

Special Event Permits applications are available at City Hall or you can view the Special Event Permit Application (PDF).

Completed application forms can be dropped off between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at:
City of Brooks
201 - 1 Avenue West
Brooks, Alberta