Order of Interment (PDF)
Monument permit (PDF)

Commemorative Forest

See memories grow through the Communities in Bloom Commemorative Forest by planting a tree as a thoughtful, lasting and meaningful gesture to leave an everlasting sign of your heartfelt affection. For more information, please call 403-362-5184, 403-362-3802 or by emailing Brooks Forest

General Cemetery Inquires should be directed to the Public Works email or by calling Brooks Public Works at 403-362-3146

Preplanning Plots

The Brooks Cemetery has the following sizes of plots for purchase:
4 feet by 12 feet (48 square feet)
4 feet by 8 feet (32 square feet)
4 feet by 4 feet (16 square feet)

Field of Honour

At the Brooks Cemetery an area is set aside and is reserved for burial of Service and Ex-Service men and women of the Naval, Military, Air and Auxiliary Forces.

Plots maybe pre-purchased and the site is reserved until the grave is used. If you decide that you no longer want the plot, it may be sold back to the City of Brooks for 85% of the current plot price. For a listing of available plots, please contact the City of Brooks staff at 403-362-3146

Cemetery Rates & Fees

Rates and fees for the Cemetery are set by City of Brooks Council

Plot Price
Adult $400
Child $200
Still Birth/Cremains $200

Opening and Closing Fees
Adult $400
Child $300

Still Birth/Cremains $200

Saturday/Holiday Burials Extra Charge $200


Monument Permit & Grave Location Fee $50


You may wish to place a memorial on the grave or plot that celebrates a life and serves as a record for future generations. The most common memorials are upright granite monuments or flat markers or bronze or granite set flush with the ground. Memorial options are also available for cremation plots. These are usually flush with the ground if the plot is located in the cremation section of the cemetery. Please check our Cemetery bylaw below for what can be installed in the cemetery. Any local monument companies will also know what can and can't be installed in the Cemetery.

Please make sure that personal items are not placed on the grass as it is obstructive when the Cemetery grass is mowed by the City.

My Brooks Online Services - Cemetery Search

Residents can view online cemetery search information via 'My Brooks' Online Services

Cemetery Bylaws (PDF)

A tree shaded lane in the Brooks Cemetery
Stone planter of flowers with the words Brooks Cemetery carved on one side
Headstones in a field at the Brooks Cemetery