Pending Development





Take notice that the following Development Applications has been approved by the Development Authority:


Permit No.

Civic Address

Lot, Block / Plan




1240 Cassils Place East

Plan 9411703, Block 2, Lot 2

  • Fascia Signage




235 3 Street West

Plan 410FE, Block G, Lot C-6


Plan 7523, Block B, Lot

  • Change of Use from Cultural Facility to Restaurant



The City of Brooks Land Use Bylaw and the Municipal Government Act provides that any person affected by the issuance of a development permit may appeal the decision or any conditions of the development permit within 21 days after the date on which the written decision is given, to the appropriate appeal board. The date of receipt of the decision is deemed to be 7 days from the date the decision is mailed. 


The appeal may be commenced by providing a written statement of the grounds of appeal to the City of Brooks with the applicable appeal fee, to be forwarded to the appropriate appeal board. The appeal period expires 21 days after the day on which notification of this decision is posted.



Dated September 18, 2023                                           Natacha Entz, Development Officer



Note: End of Appeal is on October 9, 2023