Public Safety

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Police Services

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), oversee the Brooks Region. It is comprised of members who provide community policing, highway patrol and identification units. The Brooks Detachment work closely with community organizations to promote safety, prevent crime, investigate domestic violence and respond to community concerns.

During an emergency, please call 911
Non emergent issues, please phone: 403-794-4400
The Brooks RCMP Detachment is located at 310-4th Street West, Brooks, Alberta T1R 0Z7

Domestic Violence Intervention Team (DVIT)

This award winning practice is lead by the RCMP to ensure families have the appropriate supports required to maintain safety. By using a "swift response model", a specialized team will engage clients, assess individual client needs, make referrals, case manage and ensure clients are following through with agreed upon service plans. This approach allows clients to receive the support on an ongoing basis and has has drastically reduced the rate of repeat offences.

With the intent to provide support to the entire family, support is provided to men, women and children regardless of who is identified as victim or aggressor. These services and supports are provided independently or simultaneously to involvement with the Justice System. The community provides engaged involvement and leadership by accepting referrals, engaging in a case management process and participating in the management of the team.

Brooks and County Victims Services Unit

Brooks & County Victims Services Unit

When RCMP members arrive at the scene of a crime, victims are there, waiting for reassurance, information and support. Although victims are most certainly a priority, the officers must focus on investigating the crime. This is when Victim Service units step in. They are called out at any time of day or night after police members respond to a crime, accident or death to support victims in their hour of crisis. Victim services provide invaluable assistance to victims who are often con-fused, overwhelmed and unsure of how to react after a crime, accident or sudden death has occurred.

For more information view the Victims Services Brochure (PDF).

Safe Communities Committee

Safe Communities Committee

The Safe Communities Committee is made up of community members from throughout the region and staff representatives from the City of Brooks and Brooks RCMP Detachment. The Mandate of the Committee is to foster the creation of a safe and secure community. The Committee provides safety and educational programming to residents of Brooks and the County of Newell, and funding is provided equally from the two municipalities. RCMP strategies and priorities are also established each year with input from City and County Councils.

For more information about the Safe Communities Committee, please call 403-362-3333.

Safe Communities Facilitator

The Safe Communities Facilitator position works with the Safe Communities Committee, RCMP, municipalities and various non-profit organizations in the community to manage crime prevention programs. These include a Habitual Offender program, Healthy Relationship Curriculum creation, internet safety, Prevent & Protect education series, youth intervention, domestic violence intervention, and much more. Since September 2013, the City of Brooks and County of Newell have been working in partnership to fund this Safe Communities Facilitator. Since then, crime statistics have been on a continual downward trend in areas such as all Criminal Code violations (person, property and traffic), domestic violence, provincial act violations, and even motor vehicle collisions.

City of Brooks Protective Services Peace Officer

Municipal Enforcement Volunteer Program

The City of Brooks is excited to announce a new Municipal Enforcement Volunteer Program created to enhance community safety and education initiatives. The program will offer the opportunity for volunteers to contribute to their community through outreach and promotional programs. Volunteers will work alongside and under the direction of Municipal Enforcement Officers, assisting in activities including but not limited to educational presentations, safety events such as Bike Rodeos, car seats clinics, and community events like parades, festivals, concerts and other celebrations.

To be considered for the Municipal Enforcement Volunteer Program, a candidate must have:
a) A valid First Aid Certification;
b) A clean criminal records check with vulnerable sector check; and,
c) A valid Class 5 Drivers Licence.

For more information on this program, please call 403-362-3333.