Arts, Culture & Heritage Board

Board Vacancy

We are looking for a citizen at large to sit on the Arts, Culture and Heritage Board. The Arts, Culture and Heritage Board acts as an advisory committee to assist Council in providing opportunities in arts, culture and heritage programs and facilities within the City.

If you are interested in joining this Board, please fill out this form and send it to

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Natasha Laviolette
Recreation Supervisor, City of Brooks


  • Seven public members appointed by City Council
  • One City Council member
  • Six Citizens at Large

Function & Duties

  • Consulting on all matters of policy affecting arts, culture and heritage and provide advice to Council on arts, cultural and heritage items.
  • To make contact and create relationships with groups or special interest groups pertaining to arts, culture and heritage.
  • To be involved in promoting fundraising for specific projects in arts, culture and heritage as deemed appropriate by Council.
  • To identify the need for new or expanded arts, culture and heritage programs and make recommendations to Council to implement and promote these programs.
  • To study conditions and keep informed for the purpose of developing immediate and long range plans to meet arts, culture and heritage needs.
  • To encourage and facilitate joint initiatives between other City Committees and/or Departments, local businesses and industry, education institutions, community groups and Council.
  • To ensure all sectors of the community within the City have the opportunity to provide input into the directions and issues considered by the Board.

Term of Office

  • Members of Council - a one-year term
  • Citizens-At-Large appointed to the Board may serve a maximum of three consecutive two-year terms