Grocery Delivery

The City of Brooks Handibus Specialized Transit Service is assisting the Brooks Food Bank with a single delivery system for those individuals with COVID-19 and those that are self-isolating as well as seniors, persons with medical conditions and vulnerable citizens. This will decrease the need for residents to leave their homes.

The Commitment from the City of Brooks:
• The City of Brooks Transportation Service will deliver all Food Bank hampers within the City of Brooks
• Deliveries will occur Tuesday and Thursday within the City of Brooks
• The food hampers will be ready for pick-up at 10:00 am (Tuesday and Thursday) 

Vehicle Cut Out

The Brooks Food Bank is committed to ensuring that residents have food hampers in time of need and that residents directly impacted by COVID have their food hampers delivered safely.

Request for Food Hampers:

Effective immediately, all residents directly impacted by COVID ( or service providers on residents’ behalf) can order a food hamper by phoning 403-793-2535 and by providing the following information:

• Identify as a COVID-impacted household
• Name
• Address (please include apartment #, or main floor or basement suite where relevant)
• Contact Phone Number for Resident
• #of Persons in Household (all persons living within the home)
• # of Adults in Household
• # of Children in Household (under 18 years of age)

Persons living in a COVID-impacted household are eligible to receive a food hamper once/month.

Delivery of Food Hampers:

Effective immediately, we are again working with the City of Brooks to provide a single delivery system of food hampers to those households directly impacted by COVID-19. This will enable those who are impacted to isolate at home and protect themselves and others.

For residents of the City of Brooks who identify as living in a household impacted by COVID, the City of Brooks will be delivering food hampers Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For residents living outside the City of the Brooks, the County of Newell will provide delivery to residents who do not have the means to pick up food hampers by contacting the County of Newell office at 403-362-3266.

Grocery Pick-Up

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