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The Mandate of this Committee is to foster the creation of a safe and secure community. Specific responsibilities of the Committee include cooperating with community groups in creating programs or pursing initiatives to improve public safety, making recommendations to Council relevant to community issues, providing community feedback concerning Bylaw enforcement strategies or activities and to develop educational materials advocating personal safety and security. Other responsibilities include:

  • Cooperate and liaise with community groups in creating programs or pursuing initiatives to improve public safety;
  • Make recommendations to Council relating to relevant community issues, as it may deem advisable, on its own initiative or upon request of Council;
  • Provide community feedback to the Administration Department of the City concerning City Bylaw enforcement strategies and activities;
  • Review and advise Council on the annual Safe Communities Committee goals and priorities;
  • Develop educational materials advocating personal, public or corporate safety and security;
  • Provide quarterly updates to Council either through a written submission or a presentation during a regularly scheduled Council meeting;
  • Communicate with Council through the Council member(s) appointed to the Committee.


Traffic Stop Communication Cards

To help facilitate better communication and ease stress, Safe Communities has worked with various groups to bring a new resource to our community. These cards are intended for use in situations where there is a barrier to communication, such as a hearing impairment, language difference, or speech impairment.

The cards feature large pictures and simplified wording which is available in a number of languages. For more information, or to get a card in a translation that is not currently available, please contact Kendra Sieben, Safe Communities Facilitator, by email at

To view the cards, please click here.

Youth Police Academy Application

This work experience is offered to students who have a genuine interest in policing as a potential career. This is a 5-day mini police academy where you will have the opportunity to learn about different aspects of policing and operational support units. It is a small sampling of a vast and exciting career that is ever changing. There will be opportunities to speak with various professionals from the field. On the last day we will have an RCMP recruiter present to explain the application process for the RCMP and answer any questions you may have. Upon successful completion of the Youth Police Academy, students will receive a certificate, letter of reference and three (3) credits.

The forms must be completed in full, including candidate, school staff, and parent signatures. Letter of recommendation and resume must be attached to be considered.

Applications must be turned into your school office or the Brooks Detachment, attention to the Community Policing Unit by January 12, 2024.

Upon successful completion of security screening, candidates will be notified by the Community Policing Unit about their acceptance into the program.

Find the application by clicking here.

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