Fire Training Facility

Training Faciltiy

The Fire Training Facility is used for the purposes of training proper techniques. These grounds are equipped with several structures such as burn tower/burn props, Rail/Highway Tank Cars and a Confined Space Vessels (above & below ground) to simulate disasters, as well as an on-site classroom.

Training Features of Facility:

  • Secure Compound
  • Classroom (On-site Drafting Exercises)
  • Roof Ventilation Prop (Building for cutting holes in the roof)
  • Vinyl Quonset (Vehicle & Equipment Storage)
  • Four-Story Structure/Burn Tower (Capable of a variety of training initiatives)
  • Rail Tank Car Live Fire (Flammable Gas &/or Spill Containment/Hazmat Exercises)
  • Pressure Vessel/Christmas Tree Live Fire (Flammable Gas)
  • Large Open Tank/Square, X & Z Pans Live Fire (Flammable Liquids)
  • Dumpster & More Live Fire (Class A Combustibles)
  • Highway Semi Tank Trailer (Spill Containment/Hazmat Exercises & Confined Space Drills)
  • Confined Space Vessel (Inside circuit that gets progressively smaller)
  • Trench/Caisson (Below ground Rescue Exercises)
  • Vehicles (Extrication or Live Fire Exercises)
  • Farm Machinery & Equipment (Extrication Exercises)
  • Drafting Pond & Dry Hydrant (Pump operations, Ice/Water  Rescue and Drafting Exercises)
  • FIREFIT/Firefighter Combat Challenge(Circuit/Course)

Facility Rentals

For more information to rent our Regional Fire Training Facility, please call: 403-362-2331


280 Canal Street, Brooks AB