Fire Training Facility

The Fire Training Facility is used for the purposes of training proper techniques. These grounds are equipped with several structures such as burn tower/burn props, Rail/Highway Tank Cars and Confined Space Vessels (above & below ground) to simulate disasters, as well as an on-site classroom.


280 Canal Street, Brooks AB

Training Features of Facility:

  • Secure Compound
  • Classroom (On-site Drafting Exercises)
  • Roof Ventilation Prop (Building for cutting holes in the roof)
  • Vinyl Quonset (Vehicle & Equipment Storage)
  • Four-Story Structure/Burn Tower (Capable of a variety of training initiatives)
  • Rail Tank Car Live Fire (Flammable Gas &/or Spill Containment/Hazmat Exercises)
  • Pressure Vessel/Christmas Tree Live Fire (Flammable Gas)
  • Large Open Tank/Square, X & Z Pans Live Fire (Flammable Liquids)
  • Dumpster & More Live Fire (Class A Combustibles)
  • Highway Semi Tank Trailer (Spill Containment/Hazmat Exercises & Confined Space Drills)
  • Confined Space Vessel (Inside circuit that gets progressively smaller)
  • Trench/Caisson (Below ground Rescue Exercises)
  • Vehicles (Extrication or Live Fire Exercises)
  • Farm Machinery & Equipment (Extrication Exercises)
  • Drafting Pond & Dry Hydrant (Pump operations, Ice/Water  Rescue and Drafting Exercises)
  • FIREFIT/Firefighter Combat Challenge(Circuit/Course)

Facility Rentals

Non-live fire training costs $750* per day – 4-story burn tower, classroom, on-site facilitator, use of all other props, refreshments, we are pleased refill your SCBA tanks as often as required, etc. If we, Brooks FD, are to provide an Engine its rental fee is an additional $750.00 per Day, so total day rate would then be $1,500 per day.

Live fire training costs total $2,000* per day – Includes 2,000 litres of propane, 400-litres of diesel, live fire props are railcar, pressure vessel, Christmas tree, 4-story burn tower, access to two (2) vehicles to be burnt for vehicle fires and/or VEX scenarios, 2 large Class A dumpsters to be lit on fire, multiple dry chemical fire extinguishers for use, are pleased refill your SCBA tanks as often as required, various shapes and sizes of flash pans, classroom, on-site facilitator, use of all other props, refreshments, etc. If we, Brooks FD, are to provide an Engine its rental fee is an additional $750* per day, so the total day rate would then be $2,750*.


$750* Facility Rental Fee provides; On-site Supervision to ensure all your needs are met, On-site Classroom, Burn Tower, Confined Space Vessel, Roof Ventilation Prop, Drafting Pond, Municipal Hydrant, Required Fuel (Class A Combustibles), SCBA tank filling and refreshments (coffee, bottled water, donuts & muffins) each day. 

$750* Engine rental Fee provides 1250 gpm/6000 l/min pumper completely equipped and also comes with Qualified Pump Operator.

$1,250* Flammable Liquids & Flammable Gases Fee provides approximately 2000-litres of Propane and 400-litres of Diesel.

 If vehicles are to be destroyed (Fire or Extrication), we charge $50* per Vehicle (first 2 are no charge)

Any consumables such as Foam Concentrate are billed back at cost – Best to supply it yourself, if possible.

In most cases, fire departments provide their own Instructors, PPE including SCBA, Fire Apparatus/Engine and Related Equipment such as but not limited to Foam Educators, Foam Nozzles, and Firefighting Foam Concentrate.

Available at our facility:

  • Secure Compound (Fenced - Locked when not in Use) 
  • On-site Classroom
  • Roof Ventilation Prop (Building for Cutting Holes in the Roof)
  • Vinyl Quonset for Vehicle / Equipment Storage 
  • On-site Fire Hydrant  
  • Four-Story Structure (Burn Tower) This building is capable of a variety of training initiatives such as, building collapse, live fire-smoke exercises, pumper operations, search &rescue drills, ladder training, high angle rescue, standpipe & sprinkler training, ventilation drills, salvage & overhaul operations, origin/cause determination (Fire Investigation) training, Fire Prevention Initiatives, etc., and comes with the following;
    • Movable Walls to Change Floor Plan Configurations 
    • Inside Access to All Four Floors 
    • Outside Access to Ground & Second Floor via Stairs, Windows & Roof Hatch on Third Floor Balcony
    • Third & Fourth Floor Outside Access limited to Windows & Balconies
    • High Angle Rescue Anchor Points 
    • Lighting Inside & Out (Floodlights on all 4 Corners of the Tower) 
    • Pavement Surrounding Building allows for various Apparatus Accessibility Conditions
    • Utility Shut-Off (Electrical Power & Natural Gas Meters both Internal & External)   
    • Standpipe & Sprinkler Systems
  • Rail Tank Car - Live Fire (Flammable Gas) and/or Spill Containment/Hazmat Exercises
  • Pressure Vessel - Live Fire (Flammable Gas) 
  • Christmas Tree - Live Fire (Flammable Gas)
  • Large Open Tank – Live Fire (Flammable Liquids)
  • Square, X & Z Pans - Live Fire (Flammable Liquids)
  • Dumpster, Etc. – Live Fire (Class A Combustibles)
  • Highway Semi Tank Trailer - Spill Containment/Hazmat Exercises and Confined Space Drills
  • Confined Space Vessel has an inside circuit that get progressively smaller / Confine Space can also be practiced through the 2 roof hatches of Burn Tower
  • Vehicles for Extrication or Live Fire Exercises 
  • Farm Machinery & Equipment for Extrication Exercises
  • Drafting Pond for Pump Operations can also be used for Ice/Water Rescue Exercises
  • On-site DRY Fire Hydrant for Drafting Exercises (Our response area has many of these in service)
  • FIREFIT / Firefighter Combat Challenge – Circuit/Course 

We can send photos of this facility if requested.

A Rental Agreement is required along with proof of insurance prior to using the facility.

To rent our Regional Fire Training Facility, email or call 403-362-2331.

*Prices are subject to change.