Emergency Vehicles

Fire station with emergency response vehicles parked in all bays

The Fire Department has several specialized vehicles including:

  • 3 command units which are ¾ ton trucks equipped with basic emergency equipment and thermal imaging cameras. These vehicles are used by the Fire Chief, Deputy and Rural Fire & Emergency Services Coordinator and are usually the first emergency vehicles on scene.
  • 3 fully equipped Fire Engines. 
  • 2 rapid response vehicles (mini pumpers) that have pumping capacity and are used for smaller and less accessible fires.
  • 1 rescue truck which is equipped with the Jaws of Life, rescue cutter tools and other specialized equipment.
  • 1 aerial unit ladder truck (109 ft. /33 m) used for elevated extinguishing and rescues.
  • 3 rescue boats of various sizes to accommodate all water bodies within our area.
  • 1 – 18 ft. /5.5 m enclosed trailer designed for HAZMAT response equipped with spill containment, and trench rescue equipment. 
  • 1 – 18 ft. /5.5 m enclosed trailer designed for livestock emergencies equipped with portable panels, extrication equipment designed use on stock trailers and specialty tools for a wide range of animals (horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, geese, chickens) 
  • 1 – Tender truck primarily used for hauling water but is capable of extinguishing fires via front & rear spray nozzles and hose reel.
  • Mini Emergency Response Vehicle (MERV) capable of rescue or firefighting in areas that larger vehicles cannot assess.