House Numbering

A concern has been raised in the City of Brooks regarding house numbering. There are two areas of concern. One being the lack of visible numbers on new constructions, and the other where visibility of numbers is obscured by trees\bushes. Various newly constructed areas within the City of Brooks have no numbers displayed on the outside of the structures. In some areas where the buildings look alike, it can be difficult for emergency response personnel to identify a specific building. This can delay the response, placing residents in jeopardy of not receiving early intervention.

In the more established areas of the City, numbers are not visible from the road in some cases due to large trees blocking their visibility from the road or the numbers are not large enough to be seen from the emergency vehicle.

There is a City Bylaw in place requiring all buildings to be numbered in accordance with the City's street numbering map. As this is a safety issue, the emergency services departments in Brooks are requesting all residents to ensure their properties are numbered and ensure these numbers are visible from the street. Thought should also be given to displaying numbers at the rear of buildings where access is available by a rear alley as emergency response personnel are sometimes required to access a building from an alley.