Pet Licensing


The City of Brooks has launched its new pet licensing system PetLicense.Online/Brooks, making all pet licenses exclusively online.

The new system provides a more convenient way to renew your pet licenses and includes a database that will assist in returning lost animals. Users with licensed animals can quickly and efficiently report their animal as lost. Users will be able to pinpoint on a map exactly where their animal was last seen. This information, the animals information, and the owners' information will all be forwarded automatically to Municipal Enforcement Officers. Once the animal is found, they can cancel the report request. 

Licenses are no longer due on January 1st of every year. Instead, licenses will be due annually from the date of purchase. Users will be given an account, with all of their animals information and personal information in one place. Each animal will be assigned a 4 digit numbered tag, which will be mailed to them. Automatic Renewals are available, meaning annually on the date of purchase the pet owners' payment method will automatically be charged and their license will be updated as renewed for another year. Should anyone need assistance with online payments or would like to pay in cash, please visit City Hall. 

For residents who currently have an existing license with the CIty, please note that it is still on file within the old database. When you renew your license it must be done online and a new tag number will be assigned to you and delivered in the mail.

Other notes:

  • Document uploads are available for proof of spay, neuter, and vaccines. 
  • The system takes debit and credit and is available 24/7. 
  • There is no app yet; however, it is in the works. The website is extremely mobile compatible. 
  • The landing page for the website will have up-to-date information, news posts, fun facts, etc. on all things regarding animal control/care. 
  • If users tags are in the mail and their animal is caught at large, producing your pets virtual card to an officer will suffice and no penalty for the animal not wearing a tag will be issued.
  • 90% of funds from pet licenses will go directly to BAPS and the remaining 10% will go towards keeping the website running. Previously, 100% of the funds went to BAPS but did not include a system as accessible, lacked perks/features, had no reminder system, and the database was unorganized and needed to be manually updated. This change was approved by BAPS and is excited to have an automated online system. Both the City of Brooks and BAPS believe that this will generate more revenue for BAPS than the previous system. It has also taken an immense amount of stress, organization time, etc. off of BAPS and Bow Valley Vet Clinic as they are no longer fully involved in the purchasing process. BAPS will be able to assist citizens in creating an account and purchasing licenses, but it is recommended citizens do this on their own device with BAPS guiding them through the process as a password needs to be set for users.

If you have any questions about the new pet licensing system, please contact:

Jourdan Jones
Communications Officer
City of Brooks