Arts, Culture and Heritage Board Grant

The intent of the Arts, Culture & Heritage Board Grant (ACHBG) program is to support Individual(s)/Group(s) in the City to offer events, programs and initiatives that are related to arts, culture and heritage. The ACHBG is not intended to enhance the financial status of applicants. ACHBG’s are never guaranteed, and the ACHBG program is subject to change. Applicants are always encouraged to strive to find sustainable funding sources. 

Related Documents

  1. Read the ACHBG Application Guideline & Process (PDF)
  2. Complete the ACHBG Application form (PDF)
  3. Review the Grading Matrix (PDF)
  4. Read the ACHBG Follow-up Form Process (PDF)
  5. Complete the ACHBG Follow-up Form (PDF)

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact:

Natasha Laviolette
Supervisor, Recreation Services
City of Brooks