Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention


Did you know it can cost between $1500 and $3000 to replace your catalytic converter? That’s a lot of hard-earned money that we’d like to help keep in your own pocket!

There is now a way you can help prevent becoming a victim to catalytic converter theft. Brooks RCMP have partnered with some amazing local mechanic repair shops and parts stores (listed below), along with Safe Communities to offer a *free* crime prevention service to our community called ‘Engrave It to Save It’!

Getting the service is very simple! Next time you're at the mechanic, you can ask to get this complimentary service done while you are there. All they’re going to do is use heat-treated paint to engrave the last 8 digits of your Vehicle Identification Number onto your catalytic converter. It will not affect performance or warranty. This will help discourage future thefts, and in the case where one does happen, having the engraving done will assist the police in solving the theft and bringing the thief to justice!

As we all know, catalytic converters are being stolen at an alarming rate all across Canada, and although we don’t have as many thefts happening in Brooks and Newell, we want to keep it that way, and hopefully reduce it to zero! So head over to the following participating local businesses for your next service appointment:

  • Brooks Lube & Alignment Ltd.
  • Bill’s Garage Ltd
  • Encore Automotive
  • Canadian Tire
  • Star Tech Automotive
  • Martin Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram
  • Davis Chevrolet GMC Buick Brooks
  • Harwood Ford Sales Ltd

Shoutout to the following paint suppliers for taking part as well:

  • Active Automotive Supply Ltd
  • Allied Distributors Ltd
  • Brooks Auto Parts, Inc.