Why are my taxes so high?
The amounts typically included on the tax notices are:
1. Property tax levy, which includes:
a) The Alberta School Requisition which is passed on to the Province;
b) The Newell Foundation Requisition which is passed on to them for seniors lodging; and,
c) Municipal portion of taxes which is used by the City to provide municipal services.
2. Repaving tax, which is a special tax levied for the repaving of the streets in the City.
3. If you are hooked up to surface irrigation, this charge will also be included on your tax notice.

Municipal taxes go toward many services including but not limited to:
1. Protective services such as Policing, Fire Services & Bylaw enforcement;
2. Road maintenance including snow clearing & street sweeping;
3. Park maintenance;
4. Recreation programs and facility maintenance (also subsidized by user fees); and,
5. Community programs & facilities such as the Library, Museum, FCSS and the Handibus

To learn more about municipal taxes, please visit the Finance section on this website.

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