Quality of Life in Brooks

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People Love Living Here!

We are known as the "City of 100 Hellos," one of the most culturally diverse communities per capita in Canada. We are welcoming and inclusive and we take priority in celebrating our diversity. We are a place where people want to live, play and work; in fact, over 56% of residents in Brooks have lived here for longer than five years. 

Quality of Life

Quality of Life assessments were performed in 2013 and 2017 to track resident satisfaction. Although the results are what we would expect – we already know how great it is here – they’re worth bragging about.

A Safe Place for Families

Statistics Canada shows crime rates in Brooks have seen a decline by 63% since 2006, and within the last five years rates are down 21% according to Maclean’s Magazine. Brooks was also number 30 on the chart for Canada’s Best Places for Families 2018: Top 100 Cities by MoneySense and 81 on the chart for Canada’s Best Places to Live 2018. 

A table describing quality of life factors for living in brooks and satisfaction levels with them

We are Proactive

Personal well-being and personal safety are some of the most important aspects of building a viable community and we has been working hard with the RCMP to tackle this issue. The City and County jointly fund a Safe Communities Coordinator to work with residents and police in crime reduction, prevention and proactive programming. And it’s working! From 2012 to 2016, Domestic Violence was down 30%, Sexual Assaults were down 43%, Criminal Harassment was down 60% and personal crime was down 38%.

Monthly local RCMP reports are included in Council Agendas.

Looking for More Statistics?

Read about our labour force, education, taxes, housing, recreation, health care, etc. at the Brooks Region website or pick up a Brooks Region profile from City Hall.